The Retro Lovely Podcast

Interview with Josephine Kenney of Frannie and Foe

March 6, 2020

This first episode of the Retro Lovely Podcast is an interview-rap session with Josephine Kenney of Frannie and Foe and Retro Lovely publisher Michael Bann. During this hour long chat all manner of topics are covered ranging from inspirations, goals, the power of photoshoots for empowering women, nudie Judy parties and much more. It's very casual and unscripted. Keep in mind everything about this is a "first" and already I know of "like" many things that need to be corrected in future installments. All rough edges aside though, it's very likely a great listen for anyone who has done a photoshoot from either side of the camera as well as anyone fascinated by it all as an outsider.

This was originally conducted as a video interview and it was decided to keep the microphones at a distance which results in some room noise. 

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